Will Floating Help Heal My Sports Injury

Yes, floating can help heal injuries as the pod experience puts you in such a deep state of relaxation and rest that repair to damaged muscles, bones and ligaments begins quickly, floating increases blood flow and circulation within the muscles, the magnesium in the salts actually builds proteins in the bones when it absorbs into the body. Post exercise recovery is enhanced beyond all recognition due to the fact your weightless in a light proof sound proof environment. There is no sensory input for the brain to calculate not even for balance or gravity. The brain has been completely freed up to focus solely on healing what needs to be healed.

Can I Float If Pregnant

Yes, pregnant women love to float, there's even a special position to lay in which takes all the weight of the baby off the mothers’ body, however, please always consult your GP before floating.

How Do I Prepare for a Float?

Don’t drink coffee before your float as it makes you jittery, don't shave or wax just before as the salt irritates the skin, and have a light meal around 90 minutes before floating to stop your belly from rumbling.

Is the Pod Clean?

Very. The pod is inherently sterile due to the high concentration of the salt. After each session, a powerful filtration system is automatically activated, keeping the pod clean at all times. The water passes 4 times through our 1-micron filter (100 times smaller than a human hair) and then through a powerful 55w UV sterilization chamber. Disinfectant is automatically administered to ensure complete hygiene.

What If I'm Claustrophobic?

This is a common concern. You are in complete control of the pod light, music, and door, so you can float with a light on and the door open. Most people’s fears subside once they find that they are completely in control, and end up closing the door and turning the light off. In fact, the I-SOPOD is actually considered a great way to treat claustrophobia.

Will My Skin Wrinkle?

No matter how long you float for, your skin is left nice and soft due to the Epsom salts.

Do I Need to Bring Anything?

We provide earplugs, shower gel, and shampoo. Please remember to bring your own towel.

Is This Hippy ‘Mumbo Jumbo’?

No. Floating has been around since the 1950s. There have been countless scientific studies conducted which have proved the many benefits of floatation.

Can I Float If I’m Disabled?

We are very keen to make sure everyone can float, however, safety is very important to us, so please consult with your GP first. If you get the go-ahead, please ring us so that we can speak with you to arrange any special requirements. if you cannot safely enter and exit the pod on your own you will not be able to float.

What Do I Wear in the Pod?

We recommend wearing nothing, but we do we realise this may be daunting the first Time. If you wish, you can wear a costume or shorts, however, please note that your room is fully private, so you can do as you please.

Don't Float If

Don't Float If

  • You Have Epilepsy That Is Not Under Medical Control

  • You Have Received a Tattoo in the Last 4-6 Weeks

  • You Have a Large, Open Skin Wound (Salt Will Cause Pain and Discomfort)

  • You Have Dyed Your Hair Recently

  • You Have Received a Spray Tan in the Last 48 Hours

  • You Are Unable to Exit the Float Tank without Assistance

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